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I have written below cypher query to merge node dynamically using below query from neo4j import GraphDatabase# connect to the graphdriver = GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://localhost:7687", auth=("neo4j", "password"))# define parametersparameters = {"id"...
I have following graph with nodes and relationship    Country (IN) -[CONTAIN]-> State(MH)-[CONTAIN]->District-[CONTAIN]->Tahashil-[CONTAIN]->Village<-[LIVES]->[Person]<-[HOME]-addressCountry(US) -[CONTAIN]-> State(California)-[CONTAIN]->District-[CON...
I have written below query   MATCH (p:Person) WITH p,,   'CREATE (a:Node{name:"A"}) RETURN a AS node',   'CREATE (b:Node{name:"B"}) RETURN b AS node',   {} ) as nodes Return *   When I run this above query this is returning  Unknow...
How to close neo4j browser connections, When I run the below query    " CALL dbms.listConnections() "   It is returning more  connections  (150 ) in hundreds even though only couple of users are using, how to close these connections OR how to manage ...
As neo4j doesn't support the View or materialized view concept which traditional RDBMS provides. Do we have any way to have cypher query builder which will build queries dynamically based on some inputs or some templating kind of a solution. I come...
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