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If I have a query along the lines of MATCH (g:Gene)-[r]-() RETURN DISTINCT type(r), count(r) I can get a breakdown of the connections a gene node has, what type of relationships and how many of these. Say I have a list of genes with which I want to d...
I am trying to get the paths in a fine-grained manner. I have come up with the following query, with the idea to get the linkage between a person called Hampus and a place called Pizza Hut, via either some other people (that Hampus is connected to), ...
I am noticing some interesting differences in the Neo4J browser depending on the browser used. The graph in the backend is rather large several million nodes and over 50 million edges. So some queries tend to be rather large, especially if it's of th...
The idea is to check if a node is related to one of the many nodes under two different hierarchies, so imagine you are interested in finding diseases that ails both cats and dogs, but not other mammals like primates or rodents. It's a silly example I...
I am not sure if I am explaining this in a good way but imagine a query of type: MATCH (p:Person)-[r]-(m:Movie {title: "Awesomest Movie"}) WHERE type(r) <> "DIRECTED" RETURN p This will return people associated with a particular movie. So far so good...