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Hello, I want to load shacl data on neo4j startup. The following works to load "ordinary" graph data (in plan.cypher) and validation data (in validation.cypher) I added the following to my* I add...
Hello, as the output of neosemantics is quite hard to read for non-technical people, I'd love tosee  support for the sh:message within neosemantics. I also opened an issue on GitHub to demonstrate the usefulness (
Hello, consider I have the following graph: CREATE (n:A)-[:develops]->(m:B) I'd like to enforce that A has at least one edge "develops" and that B has at least one edge "develops". For A, this is easy enough: @prefix neo4j: <neo4j://graph.schema#> ....
Hello, I want to use neosemantics to validate a graph in neo4j, but I'm having trouble to get the model constraints loaded on a minimal example: Suppose I have the following graph: CREATE (n:Person {name: 'Andy'}) Then, I initialize neosemantics as ...
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