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Hi guys! I've made a graph (group tree) create (root:Group:Limited:Root{id:1, limited:true, lim:200, amount:200}) create (root)-[:PARENT]->(c2:Group{id:2, limited:false, lim:-1, amount:200}) create (root)-[:PARENT]->(c3:Group{id:3, limited:false, lim...
Hi guys! I'am looking for a solution. Here's the graph create (n:Node{id:1,closed:false}) create (n)-[:PARENT]->(n1:Node{id:2, closed:true})-[:CHILD]->(n) create (n1)-[:PARENT]->(n2:Node{id:3, closed:false})-[:CHILD]->(n1) create (n2)-[:PARENT]->(n3:...
Hi guys! I have this graph create (n:Point{id:1,a:10,closed:false}) create (n)-[:PARENT]->(n1:Point{id:2,a:10,closed:true})-[:CHILD]->(n) create (n)-[:PARENT]->(n2:Point{id:3,a:10,closed:false})-[:CHILD]->(n) create (n)-[:PARENT]->(n3:Point{id:4,a:10...
Hi guys! The question is how to get all nodes in path between start and end note match p=((s:Group{id:10})-[:CHILD*]->(f:Group{id:1})) return p how exclude nodes with id 10 and id 1 from the result?
Hello everyone! I've already read a topic about the triggers and how to use them, but I have algorithm problem, and don't know how to implement this using neo4j syntax. The problem: I have a tree of groups with license amount. For instance 200 total ...
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