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Hello, I have a neo4j server with community edition on it. I just migrate from 4 to neo4j 5 mainly because of the use of java 17. I had a systemd timer that stopped the service and then created a backup, and then started the service again. But I have...
Does anybody has a query to calculate how much a node, with its properties uses of storage? I have several nodes, with a string property, where each node has different size of the string. Do you know how could I calculate the size of N number of node...
Hi everyone I have a lot of text nodes and I am traying to create an API that return the data sorted in natural order. The data looks like this: "Article 1", "Article 2", "Article 3",...,"Article 10",...,"Article 100" And With ORDER BY and apoc.coll....
Hello everybody! I hope you all well! Today, I was trying to restore a backup in my local computer (dev) from the dev environment. So first, I did the backup with the following line: CALL apoc.export.cypher.all('backup.cypher',{format:'cypher-shell',...
Hello everybody! I am new in the forums and more or less new to Neo4j. I have been working with it just a year. I am working with Neo4j 4.3.3. I have a DB with a Full-Text Index and is working fine. But I would like to filter the results from the CAL...