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After upgrading to Neo4j Desktop 1.4.3 I am no longer able to open the browser for any db: I can see and open other graph apps, but the browser is unavailable: Browser version is 4.2.4
Using this tutorial as inspiration I have the following fabric config (real db names & IPs changed): - NEO4J_fabric_database_name=fabric # db1 (local) - NEO4J_fabric_graph_0_uri=neo4j://localhost:7687 - NEO4J_fabric_graph_0_name=db1 - NEO4J_fabric_gr...
The answer on slide 8 of the browser guide indicates that the correct way to introduce pattern comprehension to this query: PROFILE MATCH (a:Actor)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) WHERE $relYear1 <= m.releaseYear <= $relYear2 AND a.born > $yearBorn RETURN a.n...
Under the section describing Louvain Modularity ( there is a graphic explaining how communities are generated in the algorithm: Should the weight on the blue community'...
I've been trying to follow the GraphConnect 2018 video on loading OSM data into a routable graph ( - all goes well until I try the cypher shown at 21:26. If I run the cypher exactly as...
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