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Hi all, I'm trying to export a sub graph out from my main graph and then load the sub graph into a new database. What's the best way to do it? I've the query for my sub graph. MATCH (mainField:Field {fieldID:'F_0271BC14'})<-[:PART_OF_FIELD*..]-(subFi...
MATCH (:Institute {instituteName:'aaa school'}) <-[r:WORKED_IN]-(:Author)<-[:WRITTEN_BY]-(p:Paper)-[:WRITTEN_BY]->(:Author)-[:WORKED_IN]->(:Institute {instituteName: 'bbb school'}) RETURN p LIMIT 25 Anyone knows how to rewrite this code such that i...
Hi, I've a problem that I do not know how to code in cypher. I have duplicate nodes with the same property name, ( and they have their own relationships. I wanted to match these nodes, merges the properties and relationships of the 2nd through...
Hi, I'm new to neo4j and Cypher language. I've 3 tables and I'm trying to mass import their relationship. Table 1 ( Author_ID | Author_Name | (Other properties) ) Table 2 (Paper_ID | Paper_Name | (Other properties)) Table 3 (Subject | Relation | Obje...