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Hello, I've been trying to find some documentation for the pipe operator (|) when used with list operations in Cypher, but I couldn't find anything. This documentation on the FOREACH clause also uses | in the query, but again, there's no reference to...
I'm trying to use the all() Predicate Function in my query, but it's not working as expected, so I decided to experiment a little with the Movies graph. Given that I want to find all paths where actors acted in movies that were released after 2000, I...
I have a relatively large database that takes a long time to start up (in Neo4j Desktop), the first time. During this time, while the database is still starting up, neo4j desktop throws a timeout error message and "stops" the database, even though th...
I'm trying to run the neo4j-admin memrec tool to get the recommended memory config for my database, but it doesn't work, and shows "Unable to find any JVMs matching version 1.8". Here is the output - Is there a way of running the tool with JDK 11? T...
I have a read query (call it Query Y) that has been going on for over 8 hours. My dataset is large, but it is not that large that a query would take over 8 hours. A similar query (call it Query X) to this one completed in 61 minutes, before I started...