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Hi, I want to ask whether cypher may miss merging relationship during csv load. So I want to load csv data into neo4j using the following query: Using Periodic Commit 10000 Load CSV with headers from 'file:///{filename}' as row FIELDTERMINATO...
So I have an identification of node, let say a user id. From this user id, I want to get the subgraph of he is connected to other entities such as other users, or other institution such as bank or company. Let say I want to take the eight-degree sepa...
So I have data model that looks like this: (u1:User)-[:create]->(trx:transfer)-[:to]->(u2:User) and in node transfer, I have a transaction date and amount transferred as attributes. So, I'm wondering whether neo4j can give me multiple subgraphs where...
Hey, just wondering, why is cypher query on community edition is very slow? I tried using profile and explain, followed the practice to name the label whenever I can. In addition, I have also added an index and constraint. So I am wondering whether t...
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