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It's exciting to see Neo4j Streams graduate from being a plugin to becoming a de-coupled bi-directional component that works with Aura! Neo4j Graph Database Platform – 21 Sep 21 Kafka for Neo4j Aura Is Available Now ...
When I use apoc.text.replace, I often wish to extract several values at once and immediately assign each to its own variable. I normally set up an assignment per variable like this: UNWIND ["John Smith - Consultant", "Willy Brown - Teacher"...
I am doing some dev-ops work in the AWS environment (unmanaged) with Neo4j Enterprise causal cluster using version 3.5.8. I would like to be able to add a new user from an Ubuntu bash command line. The best resource I have found so far is here: ...
The following open data URL in any browser will retrieve a sample of air pollution in JSON format, and display it in your browser: I would like to include thi...
As of Neo4j 3.5 we have a fulltext search index. Specifically it’s Lucene 5.5.5. In Lucene 5.5.4 a magical feature was added to Lucene called MoreLikeThis. Given a document (translates to a node with properties containing text strings) this feature ...