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Node Clone
since ‎11-11-2018

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It's been a while since we posted here and our graphs have grown in size ... So much so that our data transformation queries (i.e. creating new nodes and relationships) on some of our graphs with millions of nodes and 100+ GB size are now running for...
We're frequently using apoc.export.json.query to export data to JSON. The query I'm having issues with has been used many times and is unchanged but now suddenly the server goes into overdrive when I run it and the output always ends up corrupted. Am...
Hi there, I've been going round in circles and hope someone can spot my mistake ... I am trying to merge a series of Domain nodes that all have different IdObject values (messy domain names) but common IdAlternative values (cleaned domain names). Am ...
Am trying to create new nodes from properties of existing nodes but keep getting errors and there is 0 documentation. Could anyone please provide some pointers? MATCH (n1:IpAddress) WHERE NOT n1.GeoLocationIdObject is null WITH collect(n1) as items...
I have a problem where my Neo4j instance CPU keeps going to 100% to the point where the instance has to be restarted to become responsive again. I initially though this is due to some apoc.cypher.mapParallel2 queries I was running but upon inspection...