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Hi! I am writing a custom procedure to make my insertions into neo4j easier.  I will be calling it from python, and it would be nice to get result summary counters to say how many nodes where created, properties updated and so on, but stuff that i ta...
Hi! I have the following scenario: I have a bunch of nodes and I want to find all paths between them with certain conditions. I am thinking I should be able to use apoc.subgraphAll to do so, and use the same list of nodes as startnodes and endNodes. ...
Hi! Im trying to make a big query to export results from a neo4j 4 database. When using python to make the query, it seems results doesnt start streaming until the query has finished, which can take a very long time. With javascript the results start...
Hi! I am trying make a fastapi app using the neo4j python driver (4.2.0) to connect to neo. I am not very successful, as queries from one user block the queries from other users and I cant figure out why. Any helpful suggestions? My code looks someth...
Hi, I am using Neo and Apoc 3.5. In my application I want to have some unchanging ID for nodes and relations, so i use a trigger to add an uuid as node_id and a rel_id (to be able to keep track of things after creating virtual relations and one is no...