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Hello Room! I have a Cypher query written which returns a path between (nodea) and (nodeb) so it starts at nodea and ends at nodeb and traverses a multi-level path through different nodes and different relationships, so a structure like: (nodea)-[rel...
I am getting a frustrating error In the Neo4J Browser when rendering a graph view. It basically doesn't work! I then get a load of errors saying Error: <circle> attribute r: Expected length, "NaN". By a load, I'm talking thousands. Has anyone experie...
Hello We have a requirement to clone a tree from a given root node into exactly the same tree structure from a newly created Root node. The cloned tree only has to traverse down to level "n" and only traverse certain relationships. Does anyone have a...
Hello I was wondering if there was any alternative tools to using the web browser to query Neo4J and build Cypher queries with? We had Chris visit a week or so ago and he mentioned a tool that the name unfortunately escapes me! I've used the browser ...
Hello We are having problems with the stability of our Neo4J Server, we have had instances of the server being overloaded and becoming unavailable, sometimes with instances of 195% CPU inside the Docker container. The specification of the server is h...
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