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Just wondering if anyone has some experience converting from a map[string]interface{} to a declared type? i.e. in Go if I have: type Person struct { name string age int64 } if I run this query: MATCH (p:Person) RETURN p { .name, .age } AS pe...
With the help of @mckenzma and @mdfrenchman, I am happy to present Graphsplaining - your all-in-one solution to optimizing your graph. By evaluating your current graph and queries, Graphsplain will 'splain ways to help make your graph faster, strong...
I was looking over the style guide to see if there were recommendations about spacing. I noticed in that ON CREATE SET and ON MATCH SET are indented, but no mention of just plain SET D...
I was hoping to do something like: coalesce( head([(n1)-[r:FIRST_REL]->(n2) | r]), head([(n1)-[r:SECOND_REL]->(n2) | r]), head([(n1)-[r:THIRD_REL]->(n2) | r]) ) AS r to get the first of similar relationships that might exist between two nodes....
I am ending up with multiple (10 or so queries) running CALL dbms.queryJmx("org.neo4j:*") about twenty-forty seconds apart. Perhaps due to the large size of the database, or some other factor, they don't finish in a timely manner (3 minutes or so). I...