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Team, I am trying to load the data from csv. I just want to right now list the non matching records. one which are not there in neo4j but are there in csvthe one which are there in neo but not there in the CSV. Could there be a simple query? Query be...
I have a simple question on cypher-shell as i didnt find much of documentation on this. What i am running is some command to load data from csv from cypher shell SNO,EmailId,FirstName,EmailId,LastName,HiringDate; 1,10001,Test1,,"TestUse...
Hi All, Good Evening, I am not sure if this is a bug in Load CSV or is there anyway to sort it out. When I have a double quote in the Start of any field(§"TestUser1) then it expects a closing double quote in the end, but when i have it in the middle ...
Hi Team, I have a person nodes with many records in it and its relationship created. I have a requirement where i need to copy person node to personbkup node and copy the relationship. Match (p:person)<-[ac: ACCESSED_BY]-( b: Block) here person and B...
USING PERIODIC COMMIT 500 I am trying to load a csv and based on the the departmentId field starting with SUB_ then create the Label on node as ChildDepartment or ignore it. Here i know that SUB_ will be present only in case its Child, so i can also ...