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I've trying to connect to a remote Neo4j instance via the python driver. I'm using python 3.7 and the most up to date version of the driver. I have no issues connecting via the browser and I get this: bolt://<ip-address>:7687 No issues but when I tr...
I'm trying to wrangle some data here. I've got a relationship set up that looks like: (:Well {lastProdDate: Date})-[:ON]->(:Abstract {name: Name}) I'm trying to single out abstracts that have wells where 100% of the production is earlier than a cert...
I'm working with Elasticsearch and Neo4j, I'm currently attempting to get the instances to simply talk to each other. I'm using the command: call"localhost:9205") to connect to the locally exposed Elasticsearch index. This is the erro...
I've manged to install the community edition of the spatial library and I'm attempting to add WKT cords to may WKT Layer. The nodes that have the the WKT properties have them stored in strings like: 'POLYGON((-96.30509799 36.18377966,-96.31404315 36....
I'm trying to create a mutation that will clone a number of nodes that have a unique ID constraint on them using an array of GraphQL Input types, the type is as follows: input CloneInput { nodeToClone: ID! nodeType: String! relationship: ...