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Hi guys. I'm resuming an old PoC using Neo4j with Go. First I was using a sandbox instance, worked fine. Today I launched a local project using Neo4j Desktop (v 4.4.10). However, when I try to connect to this local instance, the connection fails, eve...
Hello I have the following situation: a Person is a member of a Family, and she/he can be related to another Person in that Family (in this scenario, one is the Father of the other). The Family has a top cat (named Paterfamilias) who manages the info...
Hello folks. I have this method to delete a Person from my Graph: func (d FamilyRepositoryNeo4j) DeletePerson(id string) error { cypher := ` MATCH (one:Person {uuid: $uuid})-[dBirth:BIRTH]->(:Day) DELETE one, dBirth ` params := ma...
Hi, I am reading the Neo4j Go Driver Manual v4.2 and there is a session with a non-functional piece of code on page #23 I want to create an ACID transaction similar to the code above. Then I'm looking for a gist or Github repository or an example of...
Hello guys. Does anyone help me find the correct answers for this online course I am "checking my understanding" and failed every attempt, so the remaining answers do not make sense for me at all. Regards