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I'm working on updating my Crystal Neo4j connector to the latest protocols and I'm struggling a bit. I've got a 3-node cluster running on Neo4j Aura, and when I send my ROUTE command, I get back this structure:   {"servers" => [{"addresses" => ...
Working on a package-management system (like NPM or Rubygems) and I'm having trouble coming up with a query (or set of queries) that will resolve downstream package dependencies. It's currently modeled as Package nodes representing the packages thems...
For a scheduling app, I am receiving a time stamp as something similar to a localdatetime. Specifically, it’s generated by an HTML datetime-local input, as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM, and that works just fine when passed to localdatetime. The node representing...
When it comes to building support for bolt+routing://, is it mainly a matter of routing queries that contain MERGE, CREATE, SET, and DELETE directives to the LEADER node? Can FOLLOWER nodes also accept writes at all? Are there other special consider...
I installed the neo4j Debian package from the stable/ repo on Ubuntu 18.04 and, after adding my TLS certs, it ends up getting stuck in a restart loop with no indication in the logs of what's making it shutdown: 2019-03-09 23:29:...