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I have a very slow query, that was ok for a long time (less that a second). But now takes minutes. The query is fast until the apoc CALL. The Business background is revising a node. ( (n)BusinessObject: PartId=BO1370, Revision:00, ... should become (...
Hi there, lets assume that there is a tree structure   create (n1:Item {MId:"1000",expanded:true}) create (n11:Item {MId:"1100",expanded:false}) create (n12:Item {MId:"1200",expanded:true}) create (n111:Item {MId:"1110",expanded:false}) create (n112:...
Hi all, can someone point me to tutorials how to use owl:Restriction, owl:unionOf, owl:someValuesFrom, owl:disjointWith ... i appreciate already what the:subClassOf etc... I would realy like to infer Classes elements based on their properties into Cl...
Hi All, i'd like to include the apoc library as a maven dependency in my pom.xml like so. <dependency> <groupId>org.neo4j.procedure</groupId> <artifactId>apoc</artifactId> <version></version> </dependency> But this does not work w...
Hello together, i have a small graph like the following. A network of objects(nodes) with weight and forces as (relations black edges) nodes(objects) might have alternatives these are represented by a "alternative" relation (blue edges). how can I q...