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User Activity Issue: Neo4j Transaction Retention Policy not adhering to setting; Enterprise 3.5.7 opened by bsquire0128 on 2019-08-19 neo4j version: 3.5.7 Enterprise neo4j.log and debug.log I changed my ...
The below sometimes finishes and sometimes doesn't. When using a batch size of 5000 it finished in 93 hours which is outrageous. The below has a few optimization but still gets stuck on the last batch. "CALL apoc.export.json.query('UNWIND $_batch as ...
Is it possible to create an index on objects inside list properties of Neo4j? Lets say I have a bunch of Nodes unwind range(1,100) as num CREATE (n:Person {current_id:num,old_id:[]}); call apoc.coll.zipToRows(range(1,100),range(200,300)) yield value ...
This is a general question: does file size skew affect import times? Would files that are 2 GB a piece and files that are 50 mb a piece affect the import processing time for neo4j-admin import?
How would you calculate the duration between subsequent rows. Suppose I have Match (j)-[r]->(m) return r.timestamp order by r.timestamp and I want to find the duration between each subsequent row: "2019-03-16T00:01:55.698000000Z" "2019-03-16T00:05:34...