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Hello, I would like to know the Time and Space complexity of the Weakly Connected Components algorihtm implementation in Neo4j. I could not find these information in the documentation or in the GitHub. Feedback: Moreover, would it be possible to add ...
Hello In the Movie graph, there is in ACTED_IN relationships the property roles which is a list of string. In the documentation, it's written that composite types cannot be stored as properties, by experience and in your Movie graph example, we see ...
Hello I know Link Prediction algorithms are still in alpha but could you add to the documentation the different possibilities for the "direction" parameter? Regards, Cobra
Hello I have a feedback for the query terminal in the Neo4j Browser. Currently it looks like this (Neo4j Browser 4.1.2): Would it be possible to replace the by a broom and instead of closing the terminal window, it will just clear the terminal? A...
Hello Neo4j community I am a research and development officer for the startup Data Nostra since april 2019 and I discovered Neo4j at the same time Since, we have been using Neo4j products on all our projects. To be honest I found this technology re...