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since ‎05-01-2020

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Hello, In my company, we're using Neo4j Community Edition. We are thinking of jumping to the Enterprise Edition, but that would not be for this year, for budget reasons. Yet we have our client-side application (made in Python) used by approximately 3...
Hello  I am trying to achieve some sort of dynamic querying, but I'm a beginner, so maybe my request doesn't make sense or is not canonic. So, I have a dictionnary of key/value pairs. This dictionnary lenght is not fixed. Sometimes if can be empty, ...
Hello, I'm a beginner, not even a professional programmer: I script tools for CG software, we need a db to store and track production data like assets and shots and Neo4j looked perfect for this. Yet the learning curve is a bit steep for me, for I ne...
Hello  I'm trying to get Project nodes and their status, type, department and tag. This is my query: MATCH (p:Project) MATCH (p)-[IS_STATUS]->(status:ProjectStatus) MATCH (p)-[MEMBER_OF]->(type:Group)-[IS_TAG]->(GroupTag {slug:"type"}) MATCH (p)-[ME...
Hello ! I'm a fake developer  Coming from computer graphics background, I now create tools for CG artists, and right now I'm focusing on production tracking tools. In CG productions, we do have a lot of data to store, manage and track, all those dat...