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When I create a node label, a relation ship type or a property key, is it possible to make an 'annotation' to provide some information about the meaning of the node label, a relation ship type or a property key? One might consider this to be some kin...
I am running the browser guide  for the Northwind graph (:play northwind graph). The first command to run is the following:   LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "" AS row CREATE (n:Product) SET n = row, n.unitPrice...
Exercise 6.3 reads as follows: “The results returned from the previous query returns the collection of movie titles with duplicates. That is because there are multiple actors per released year. Next, modify the query so that there is no duplication o...
I have a question about exercise 5.11: ‘Retrieve the actors who have acted in exactly five movies, returning the name of the actor, and the list of movies for that actor.’ The solution in the course is as follows: MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Mov...