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I'm trying to export some nodes from my graph and I use the following function match (u:User)<-[:BY]-(c:Context{name:'network'})<-[:IN]-(s:Statement) with [u, c, s] as texts CALL, [], "save.csv", {}) yield file return texts...
Hello, I'm trying to export some data from my Neo4J db 3.3.9 to a CSV file and I use this: match (c:Context{name:'networkScience'})<-[rels:IN]-(s:Statement) WITH collect(distinct c) AS co, collect(distinct s) AS st, collect(distinct rels) as rrels CA...
I was trying to find documentation for APOC 3.5 but in the best traditions of Neo4J it looks like the older versions are simply not supported. When I go to Neo4j APOC Procedures User Guide I see that the page has moved to APOC User Guide 4.1 - APOC D...
I run Neo4J 3.5 on an AWS EC2 instance. Suppose the instance has 4Gb of RAM. As I understand, if I leave all the settings default, the neo4j.template (which then becomes neo4j.conf upon launch) allocates about 50% of this RAM to the heap (via
Suppose I want to access my Neo4J DB via a webaddress such as: In order for that to work, SSL certificates need to be set up via the configuration in Neo4J itself. There is an instruction on Medium by Neo4J which explain...