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Dear all, My computer needs to get repaired and I need to get access to the database on a temporary machine. I don't really know how to approach this. I have Neo4j now installed on both machines and I have my access key saved. Kind regards
I want to retrieve a list of all distinct values of node and property values from a database, a list that I can copy-paste easily without any double values. So, for example, from the database below, my ideal return would be a list: "Master, MSc., Mas...
So, I hope that my question isn't too stupid, and I did do a couple of searches in the community and on the Neo4j information pages, but the solutions I have found until now are more complex than I hoped for. That is why, I now ask this question here...
I was wondering how I can search for a search term through the whole database. Like through all properties and node and relationship names. Suppose I have a database consisting of 2000 elements. And I am looking for the word 'Cat', independent on wha...
I want to add a list property on a node, with the list formatted conditionally on whether a text value exists in the cell. You can find the csv that I am using here: I import it with this code: // Loa...