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We are designing a model, and for performance reason, it has come up that we could filter with the Relation type instead of storing these attribute in the end node. For example (User)-[HAS_CREDIT_CARD_VISA_REGULATION_GDPR_DETECTED_ON_2012_01_01]-(Sen...
Hey guys I have this model: CREATE (myInfo:Info {hash:'some hash'}) CREATE (Keanu:User {name:'Keanu Reeves'}) CREATE (Keanu)- [:INFO_DETECTED_ON_2020_05_04] - >(myInfo); I want to be able to retrieve relation based on the date in the relation type, ...
Hi there, I got in an argument with someone that wants to add more links the the schema. His argument is that it's faster if the entity is linked directly to the entity I want to search. My argument is that it is better to have the most natural model...
I am designing the graph model at the moment. I was wondering what is the performance expected for a START WITH query on a indexed String field when there will be a lot of nodes to look in? Will it be fast enough and use a tree to find the find node ...
I am looking for the most simple way to be able to switch dynamically from one database to another. I am using the latest neo4j enterprise version in a docker. Here is my use case in details: neo4jConfiguration.useDatabase("myDb"); // Should be a...
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