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I have just migrated and the stream was very helpful, but one thing that seems to be off is when retrieving nested data. Let's say I have a Post type and some of its properties need to have a custom @cypher directive or a relationship directive, lik...
Hello again. I'm trying to return a (Post ) node using Graphql. the Post type looks like this. type Post { id: ID post_id: String user_id: String text: String post_type: String user_liked: Boolean author_info: User text_post: TextPost...
I'm trying to create a mutation that will rely on an input type that has inside of it an input type like this: input GroupInput { group_id: String group_founder_id: String group_name: String group_theme_colors: GroupThemeColorsInput } i...
Lets say I have created a user and I want to update their display name or bio using a mutation, Is there any way to pass a Json object to the mutation and for Neo4j to know exactly what to update?
Hello everyone. I'm using Grandstack with Flutter instead of React and as for Apollo I'm using graphql_flutter, so far so good except that I'm looking to stream some of my data using neo4j_streams, graphql_flutter provides "subscriptions" widget whic...