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Hi, all, I'm planning to upgrade my GDS library 1.6.1 to higher version of OpenGDS 1.8.6 or 2.0.2, which my own algorithm is running with. My problem is , OpenGDS seems to be compiled and is running correctly in command line window, but test cases wo...
Hi, I haven't started Neo4j Desktop for some time, the last time is on Jun,16th. Then when I try to start Noe4j browser on Neo4j desktop, it just keeps no response, the Neo4j browser is not opened. I can start the server instance, just can't start...
Hi all, I'v checked the source of, and find that there may be a bug at the end of the compute() function. I think that a k spanning tree shoud be a tree grows from the started node in a serialized way, and couldn't be implemented i...
Hi all, I'm following Noe4j's online document at 6.5.1. Minimum Weight Spanning Tree - 6.5. Path finding algorithms , it seems that the Cypher to query K-Spanning tree doesn't work: MATCH (n:Place) WITH AS Place, n.kminst AS Partition, count(*) ...
Hi all, I'm new to Neo4j and Bloom, I need to set properties in a bloom search phrase so that I can customise the visualization effect with them later. For example, the following CQL with the movies graph is O.K. in Neo4j Browser: MATCH (tom {name: ...