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Hi All, Today I'm facing a strange issue here are the logs, can someone please help me    [2022-08-26 20:32:09.808] [warn] Failed to get DBMS path through Relate Error: Relate DBMS with tag neo4j-desktop-dbms-database-dca853eb-852a-47db-9384-817c718f...
Hi there, I'm looking for help. I'm trying to find degree of node against the root node.  // here n is a variable like 1,2,3,4 .... nth match p=(n:Config)-[*..(n)]-(b) where "Conf001" unwind nodes(p) as nodes unwind relationships(p) a...
I want to find all the relationships of particular node which is directly connected to the node.for the 2nd degree I want to find all relationships to that node and also find all the relationships for their relationships node How to write query to fi...
I have write this query (I'm using Movie DBMS)     MATCH (p) WITH labels(p) as label, count(*) as nCount with collect({label:label, count: nCount}) as nodes call{ MATCH ()-[relationship]->() with type(relationship) as r, COUNT(relationship) as rCount...
I am just trying to learn Neo4j with cyper here is the use case I want to find all the nodes with and without relationships   match p=(a)-[]->(b)with p limit 25 unwind nodes(p) as n unwind relationships(p) as rwith collect( distinct {id: ID(n), label...
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