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With the example given here, we have implemented a custom Analyzer that supports 'case insensitive exact matches' by combining KeywordTokenizerFactory  and LowerCaseFilterFactory . Implementation:       package com.test.nosql.neo4j; import org.apach...
Question: How to access Node/ Node properties within multiple nested apoc.periodic.iterator (s) ? to create sample data: :params eventParam=> [{eid: "e1"},{eid: "e2"}]; Query: call apoc.periodic.iterate( ' // create some nodes - *ideally t...
How to specify a specific graph to connect to with integration neo4j with spark? I have multiple graphs like: There is no option given in official document to specify which graph to use while reading/ writing data.
Hi, Our use case is to load bulk data in neo4j graph after processing (not from excel or other sources). We are using Neo4j-java Asyn API to do the same. My question is: What should be the transaction boundary? How many queries to run in one transact...
I have written test code to connect to neo4j server from java app and execute two cypher queries in ONE Transaction.I did not find detailed example for executing two queries and retrieving result in neo4j Documentation Though the code works, my quest...
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