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Hi all, I'm encountering some problems while trying to save a relatively big graph using Spring Data Neo4j .save() method passing the aggregate root. In the following image you can see an example (the graph in the image is not complete, it's a little...
Hi, I'm trying to write a query that would delete Entities in my Database that are not present in the file I use to load daily. E.G.: DATABASEFILE"A""A""B"-"C""C""D"-"E""E"   I have 5 nodes in my database with the above codes in the "DATABASE" column...
Hi I'm working on a query that basically groups results in two different lists that are joined before being returned. I'm having trouble finding the way to avoid adding elements from the list #2 if there's an element in list #1 with the same specific...
Hi all, We are using "USING PERIODIC COMMIT 500" when "LOAD FROM CSV" in our initial data load .cypher script Does it affects the LOAD performance to use a low number such as 500? Neo4j v4.2.11 In our DEV environment, we have a single instance with 2...
I'm stuck writing a Cypher query that would allow me to find all nodes which their code are NOT included in a given list. I've tried searching for pattern negation, node negation, exclude in path with no success. Let's assume I have a list of codes (...