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I have the following query:   PROFILE MATCH(e:Entity {name:'Mona Lisa'})-[rel]->(e2:Entity) WITH *, collect( as e2Nodes MATCH(e2)-[rele2ins:``]->(e2ins:Entity) WHERE e2ins.wikidata_id in ['Q5'] WIT...
I have a simple relational query as below:     PROFILE MATCH(e:Entity {name:'Mona Lisa'})-[rel]->(e2:Entity) return e,rel,e2     And the query plan is as below:  "Mona Lisa" entity has 1100 relations in total - 1050 of them to Property nodes, 50 of ...
I aim to transfer my database in my remote server to my local machine. The store format of the database is AF4.3.0. Neo4j version of the one in my local machine is 4.4.16. So store format is adaptable to my local database.  I copied neo4j folder unde...
I have a database in my old server which is version 4.4.7. Now I have a new server and transferred the data files to it. However, I can't find 4.4.7 version to install. So I installed 5.2.0 hoping that dbms.allow_upgrade=true will take care of the st...
I have a database with wikidata entities and their properties. For example 'Mona Lisa' entity has 'creator' relationship with 'Leonardo da Vinci' entity. I want to obtain paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. I have a query as below. In this query, first I...