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Is there any way to get the current online/offline status of a DBMS? Similar to how the cypher query "show databases" can get the current status of databases in a DBMS. It doesn't have to be through cypher. I just cant find a way to get the current s...
This might be in the wrong category but I didn't find anywhere else to put suggestions.  Similar to how "show databases" shows all databases and their status etc. I would really like "show dbms" to show me similar stats like status. That would ease a...
Hi, For some reason my neo4j desktop application takes about 5 minutes to startup while its much faster for my friends. We have the same installation path and same computer specs. Anyone know a reason why? "Looking for Neo4j" is what takes the most t...
Hi,  I'm trying to run this simple dump command in powershell and print the output after running the command to a logfile: Start-Transcript -Path log.txt V:\neo4j\relate-data\dbmss\dbms-a5914a53-3b7d-42d0-a050-8bd6058e5e98\bin\neo4j-admin dump --data...
In file explorer a projects file name example is: project-93cd8e48-9883-4eeb-a35f-427dc36dec52 And the correlated DBMS is:dbms-27120917-441f-4288-aa25-8fc440926551I only know they are correlated because I only have one project and one DBMS. Is there ...