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HI all, I need to update this query so that its returns the start node and end node of  every realtionships the below is returning and also some  properties of those start and end nodes match p = (a:MatPlant)-[r*0..20]->(b:MatPlant) where b.matl_num=...
hi all I need more  clarity of UNWIND key word and also My issue out here is I have query like this:- profile match p=(v:Vendor)-[*0..30]->(m:MatPlant)-[*0..30]->(d:MatPlant)-[*0..30]->(c:MatPlant)-[*0..30]->(u:Customer) where u.node_id in ["yxz"] an...
Hi , I have a flow data starting from Vendor to Customer but in between there are couple of nodes of same type and label. I am attaching you the query for reference please let me know if i can get any suggestions for optimizing the query . match p=(v...
Hi , I am running one particular cypher query and by using the Export JSON option for downloading the JSON file got the JSON By digging deep into it I have found Some data are missing in the JSON file which are returning in the graph. My question is ...
HI , We have a flow from Vendor TO customer .We are using Neo4j community version in my browser. When I am trying for more levels which in turn is 30 the browser got struck and wont respond .If we Need to run after we need to reload the browser.I am ...
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