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I want to create relationship between nodes with parameter as an object like - await _graphClient.ConnectAsync(); await _graphClient.Cypher .Match("(obj1:Client)") .Where((Client ...
Hi, Can we create multiple users who can access bloom and show them only specific set of nodes? Like - User A should see only products created by him. Is it possible?
BoltGraphClient _graphClient; _graphClient = new BoltGraphClient(Uri, username, pass) await _graphClient.ConnectAsync(); await _graphClient.Cypher .Merge("(User:User { Id: ?id })") .OnCreate() .Set("User = ?objuser") .WithParams(new { id = obj...
Hello, .NET 4.7 MVC with AngularJS. var _graphClient = new Neo4jClient.BoltGraphClient(LmsNeoUri, Lmsusername, Lmspassword) { DefaultDatabase=neo4jDatabaseName }; In this line I am getting error Error CS0012 The type 'EncryptionLevel' is defined in...
MATCH (me)-[post_rel_source:FOLLOWS_TEAM|:FOLLOWS|:FOLLOWS_EVENT*0..1]->(user) In above case how can I check different 'status' of all 3 relations? FOLLOWS_TEAM has accepted:1 FOLLOWS has accepted:1 FOLLOWS_EVENT dont have any status. If I add like ...
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