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Hi! I'm working on a rule solving engine. The problem is that when I run it first the results needs to be fed into the engine again and potentially again and again. Is it possible to solve this with just one run? This is my data. CREATE (a:XTEST {id:...
Hi! I have a tree structure where ids are a list of parameters. For example ["A","B"]. IIf both these parameters are used as input it will fetch next node in tree and so on. This is the code and an image of the nodes. CREATE (t1:Tree {id:["A","B"]})...
Hi! I have an array of unknown length that I want to create the cartesian product for. In the example I have three arrays with 3, 1 and 2 elements each. So I use three UNWINDs, but can this be done for X number of elements in the array with one state...
Hi! I want to design a rule engine in Neo4j. One type of rule is a "inclusion 1-way". If a prameter is included in the input it can give you another parameter which in turn can give another parameter etc. Parameters is a global object and the same pa...
Hi! I've got some problems to get the OPTIONAL MATCH to work when using the WITH and WHERE operators. To simplify my complex query I have created the below example. I would like to return all Cats (a) and all persons (p) for whom all friends are bffs...