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since ‎09-20-2018

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Hi, we are trying to optimize a query but the time explodes (~20 seconds) when having around 40K nodes in the database, but it should be way faster. First, I will describe a simplified description of our schema. We have the following nodes: Usergroup...
Hi, we are trying to run a cypher query but we are not able to get the results we want. It is important to note that we cannot make this work with subqueries because we are using Neo4j 3.5 and in this version, they are still not available. The proble...
Hi, I've recently read this post of the maintainer of neo4j-graphql-js in github: The future of this library · Issue #608 · neo4j-graphql/neo4j-graphql-js · GitHub As he says, the library will no longer be maintained officially by Neo4j and he mentio...
Hi, we're trying to use the assertSchema function to add constraints in our Neo4j database with an apollo server running in a lambda with the library apollo-server-lambda. Without calling this function the graphql API works perfectly. But adding this...
Hi, I'm trying to implement multitenancy in a Neo4j database with GRANDStack. Each tenant corresponds to a company and each company will have its own graphql schema. Researching, I've read that, for now, multitenancy in Neo4j is not supported nativel...