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Hello, I am using the driver 1.7.5 (java) in an async way and I noticed a weird behavior. It seems that every incomming read request Session session = driver.session(READ); session.readTransactionAsync(tx -> tx.runAsync(query, parameters) creates two...
Hello, I am getting a not consistent behavior of the hasRelation method when used by my custom stored procedure. Stream<Node> filterNodesByRelationType(List<Node> nodes) { return -> node.hasRelationship(Direction.OU...
Hello, I am developing a stored procedure that is used to traverse a graph. The procedure is returning nodes and a complete path to these nodes from the root node. The path to traverse is defined by properties on relationships (endNode -> follow this...
Hello, I have a Cypher query (please see below) that is used to get user data filtered by user permissions. We are using the Role-based access control where every user has some roles (role can extend another role so we need a variable length path) wi...
Hello, I would like to ask why a query result is different when I am using a variable length path. for example: MATCH (n0:I {t:'n0'})-[:rel1 *0..1]->(n1)-[:rel2 *0..1]->(n2)<-[:rel3 *0..1]-(n3) RETURN n2; this query returns n0,n1,n2,n2,n10 nodes but...