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I would like a node to be unique based on two constraints: 1. A property set by me 2. The index as set by neo4j at the creation of the node This is what I've tried so far: CREATE CONSTRAINT transaction_constraint IF NOT EXISTS FOR (tx: Transaction) ...
I'm working on a bitcoin graph where a part of a path is the following: (address)-[i:input]->(transaction) Most of the times there are thousands of input relationships between an address and a transaction. I'm trying to aggregate the relationships...
I have installed neo4j in my personal laptop and the graph db I'm analyzing keeps growing. Is it possible to move the graph db to an external SSD, load it from there and keep adding more nodes and edges? Thanks! Andreas
I have a set of nodes extracted from a network bitcoin transaction network using the following query: MATCH (root:Address {AddressID: $val})-[r*..k]->(target:Transaction) RETURN DISTINCT(target.Hash) AS Targets where k = 1, 3 and 5 (i.e. hops away f...
Hi everyone! The problem: I get an errno 111: no connection between the python client and the activated neo4j graph db. Same situation with both py2neo and neo4j python driver The setup: WSL2 (build with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, on windows 10 Pr...