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Hello, can I get the answer or explanations of this..? Why the following cypher return different values..? Thanks. Cypher 1: MATCH p = (n)-[r]->() RETURN COUNT(r) it returns 94. Cypher 2: MATCH (n)-[r]-() RETURN COUNT(r) it returns 188. Cypher 3: MAT...
I need to get value from path that I will use one of the properti from the relations, so I use extract to do it. The cypher runs good when I try in the neo4j browser. I use record.get("params").asString(); also i try ti use asPath().toString(); But, ...
I have a problem when I want to open the neo4j desktop application, that is, the application won't open. when clicked, it only pops out for a while, appears "Getting Ready" and then force close. What is wrong..? Thank you
I Need to determine the next relationship from my graph thats have many path from node A to node B. I tried to implement the shortest agorithm, but i haven't find the algorithm to determine the next relation. For example, i want to go from A to B, a...
Hellow there.. I'am student and I need to learn more about Neo4j, especially the Algorithm about how the MATCH clause in cypher works. How it works for finding the relations about two nodes that connected through several other nodes. Maybe the pseudo...
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