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I wonder if there is such a feature in AuraDB that allows me to add an event listener using Python driver, to monitor any data update/delete/create event? A preliminary research shows such features are possible in Java, but not in Python?
In Bloom, if I want to create a node with a special property that is generated by a function, it seems to convert that function name into a string and use that string for the property value. Fore example, one of the property on `Person` nodes is `Per...
I'm trying to create a new node using Bloom. However, it only allows me to choose from existing categories. For example, currently I have nodes with labels "Person", "School", "Vehicle", etc. I want to create a new type of node that is labeled as "Ph...
I wonder if Bloom allows you to perform bulk operations. For example, step 1: Select all `Person` nodes step 2: Filter out the ones from step 1, that I know are 'male' step 3: apply 'male' label to all. Can I do such operation with Bloom?
If I only use Bloom with AuraDB free tier, will I need to pay at some point? Thanks.
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