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I need to normalize the math scores that are stored as a property on the node and then update the same property with a normalized value. I have tried this: MATCH (r:MathScore) WITH COLLECT(r.score) as myScores UNWIND myScores as x WITH myScores, min(...
Reading a "Learning Neo4j" book from Packt publications. Found a query: match (p:Person)-[b:BOUGHT]->(prod1:Product)-[:MADE_BY]->(br:Brand)<- [MADE_BY]-(prod2:Product) with p, br, prod2, count(prod1) as NrOfBrandProducts where not(p-[:BOUGHT]->prod2)...
Hi, I read an article on Northwind database: Neo4j Graph Database Platform Neo4j Data Import: Moving Data from RDBMS to Graph Learn the various ways to export data from your relational database and import it into Neo4j –...
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