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We're running a 3 server causal cluster locally hosted. A few times a day in the debug.log we see the message "follower has fallen behind". Sometimes its just one entry, sometimes a server keeps falling behind seconds after the moved to PIPELINE mode...
We have an issue that our causal cluster started to keep holding elections causing the cluster to be in a sort of read only mode. (leader changing so often). The cluster was running without issues or additional elections for 7 days before this interr...
Hi All, I'm trying to optimize my query but after some changes it still takes about 4 seconds to run. CYPHER 3.4, planner: COST, runtime: SLOTTED. 3906086 total db hits in 3992 ms. Data: 964291 interactions PROFILE MATCH (startleaf:Hour{Hash: "458162...
Last night both our servers crasht (or stopped working for about 10 minutes) after a GC error. This is the GC log record from the last incident this morning: 2018-10-15T11:10:46.108+0200: 1367360.645: [Full GC (Allocation Failure) 23G->21G(23G), 85....
We are experiencing some interruptions in requested handled by one of our servers (our primary master). It looks like the server just stops responding for a few seconds. The logs don't show any message, but we can see it happen in the security.log Re...