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I wonder if there is a more elegant way to find nodes which are not linked to other specific nodes. Model: nodes in darker green are "regions" nodes in lighter green are "countries" there can be a mix of children, with both "regions" and "countries" ...
Seems that is generating as a link only "Neo4j Console" instead of a distinct link
I've been working lately with huge graphs (~50GB) and hence, i would like to move them to another drive, where i have more space. In Neo4j Desktop (Windows 10), under Settings, there is this nice option does not do what it's supposed to do...
I need to import 14 mil. nodes from a csv. After some efforts with threaded apoc.import.csv, came upon the import using neo4j-admin at this link Importing CSV Data into Neo4j - Developer Guides Well, it did import all 14mil nodes in like 2 minutes, ...
Any idea why there are missing relationships in Bloom? For example, the one from BAC to PROG: I've been calling in both the same query : "call apoc.meta.graph() yield nodes,relationships unwind nodes as node unwind relationships as rel return node,re...