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Is there a Filtered Node Similarity Example example that i can reference? I am having difficulty configuring node filters for a bipartite projection. From what i can find, Neo4j current documentation does not include an example and truncates some of ...
Question for the Neo4j GDS Team: Given that Neo4j permits node embeddings as a node property in a projected graph, I figured that Neo4j GDS Library would permit the projection of a numerical vector as a projected relationship property. This has been ...
Can graph projections be used for something other than executing GDS Library algorithms? Thinking of something similar to the role of a cache, where cypher queries can be executed against it. Any use cases out there?
Using both Neo4j 3.5.x and 4.x I am trying to pass a date that is computed using apoc as a parameter into the A code snippet is below: :param start=>{RETURN,"ms", -60,"d"),"ms","yy...
Examples provided via Neo4j website are all monopartite graphs. Also reviewed GOT example which is monopartitie. Can Link Predictions accomodate non-monopartite graphs?
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