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I'm trying to find how I can order my output by date when I have dates that are in the string format produced by the unix date command. I would like to say something like ORDER BY The unix data command produces a string that l...
I want to return one row for each segment in a path. This is the Cypher code I've devised so far. There must be a better way. match ... --> (i:IMAGE) match p = (i)-[*]->(f:IMAGE) where NOT (f)-->(:IMAGE) with nodes(p) as q with [[q[0],q[1]], ...
I am importing four json files using a process similar to that described by Michael Hunger. Neo4j Graph Database Platform – 29 Jul 15 Cypher: LOAD JSON from URL AS Data - Neo4j Graph Database Platform Discover how to LOA...
A decade of growth as a software as service company led to continual change and some dramatic reorganizations. We collect various mentions of the work we've done observing software through the metadata produced throughout its creation and operation. ...
I work on Federated Wiki where my community has asked for more graph support. I've provided both graphs of wiki and graphs in wiki. I've found tha...