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Since Neo4j 4.4, there is a new Cypher syntax Node pattern predicates. Is it possible to implement similar Relationship pattern predicates as well? It would allow querying for a variable-length path pattern for relationships that have properties desi...
Hi all, there is the second part of my blog post about switching from D3 visualization to WebGL available. This time, it focuses on graph layouts computed in WebWorker, and text rendering. Also, the demo is updated with additional open-source force g...
Hi all, I have published a new blogpost. Performance of D3 graph visualisation can be upgraded by WebGL by running PIXI.js rendering library on top of D3, which stays only for computing graph layout. I'd be happy for your review. GraphAware...
Hi all, I have published a new blogpost. When writing Cypher queries, be sure that it don't match any cycles, or you can experience unpleasant surprises. I'd be happy for your review.
Hi all, Check my blogpost about detecting clusters from probabilistic data, where false positives are possible. In this case it's about detecting unique speakers from voiceprint similarities, but it can be used for any similar usecases. https://graph...