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I am wondering how this following query works. We start with an empty DB. WITH [{a:1, b:null}, {a:1, b:null}] AS rows UNWIND rows AS row MERGE (t:Test {a:row.a, b:coalesce(row.b, 'none')}) SET t.b=row.b Added 1 label, created 1 node, set 3 propertie...
Is there a decimal or fixed-point data type in Neo4j? I'm thinking of something like DECIMAL or NUMBER in various SQL DBs or Java's BigDecimal. If not, what are the best practices if I need to work with decimal data with Neo4j (saving, calculating, r...
I found this statement from February 2018 in a Neo OGM Github issue: If you want to use custom ids the attribute should have a @GeneratedValue annotation. Additional keep in mind that the name id is reserved for OGM internal id handling. Please ...
The new off-heap transaction state in Neo 3.5 seems like it would speed up write transactions. Are there any known downsides of activating it, or should we always be using it if we can, let's say even though our application is not write-heavy?
Can I turn off the implicit entity mapping, i.e. ignore all non-annotated classes during package scanning?
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