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Hi, I'm using the V4.4.2 version of the driver and trying to execute the query below but i'm having a hard time parsing the responses. Query: MATCH (n:Invoice), (n)-[:HAS_INVOICE_LINE]->(line), (n)-[:HAS_BILLING_ADDRESS]->(bill_addr), (n)-[:HAS_COMPA...
Hey Everyone, For a proof of concept i'm struggling with a Cypher query to get a property on an existing node, and create a new node with a relationship to the node it's coming from. I've tried the following: CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(" MATCH (t...
Hi Everyone, I started messing around with some multi-tenancy application with Neo4J as the backend. So to keep data seperate i want each tenant to use a single database. But to deploy a tenant i need to create some base nodes for some details. Is th...
Op 04-02-2020 zal de Graphtour wederom naar Amsterdam komen. Dit jaar zal het plaatsvinden in het Compagnie Theater. Wie zien we daar? Je kunt je gratis aanmelden via:
Hi Guys, Im running into an issue using neomodel in my flask project. When i'm trying to setup a relationship between 2 classes i keep running into the ClassAlreadyDefined exceptions. I suspect the problem is that I import the object in the controlle...