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Hi,I'm trying to add a calculated property to each of a bunch of nodes based on the 'SentText' property of that node (a BERT sentence embedding vector calculated in Python in this case).I've found an example of apoc.periodic.iterate below (https://to...
I Just installed the latest 4.4.6 version of neo4j, but when I press control-space to get suggestions for auto-complete, I only see two entries, "call" and "db", since it seems to remember that I'm trying to use "call db.schema.visualization()" for e...
Hi, I'm trying to export the results of a cypher query (nodes and relationships) into a new database, because I want a subset of my database that uses less memory for a large query. I found this: Export to Cypher Script - APOC Documentation but it do...
Hi, I'm trying to export a small subgraph of my main database to a new database, using the Round Trip example from here: Export to Cypher Script - APOC Documentation When I only run my query I get 168 nodes and 175 relationships, everything looks ok....
Hello, I have had Desktop running for a few days and it came with version 3.5.9 of Neo4j. Today I tried the upgrade to 3.5.11. I'm on a Windows 10 machine. I wanted to see what happened with the neo4j.conf file and if it kept my changes(it did :)) bu...